Actuator Engineering

InTiCa Systems has specialised in the production of the most varied types of coils and can thus serve nearly all fields of application for "handling, controlling, measuring".

For electronic handling actuator coils or so-called tractive solenoid coils are used. Both open coil types as well as cast or injection-moulded actuator types are on offer.

  • Actuators for diesel injection: design e.g. with temperature resistant materials (PPS)
  • Actuators for steering wheel locking: assembly into protected areas so that an open type of construction may be used.
  • Actuators for gearshift interlock: design with magnetic brackets in open type of construction as the encapsulation is carried out by the customer
  • Actuators for electro hydraulic steering systems: open or injection-moulded coil designs - for EPAS Systems (Electric Power Assisted Steering)
actuator for diesel injection
actuator for diesel injection
actuator for steering wheel locking
actuator for gearshift interlock
actuator for electro hydraulic steering systems