Converter (photovoltaic)

InTiCa Systems develops and manufactures AC-filter chokes, boost converters and boost chokes, high-frequency transformers and inductive modules for solar converters.

InTiCa Systems has specialised on the power range from 0 - 300 kW with a switching frequency of 16 - 50 kHz. Using their own test assembly to find lost power the coiled goods can be optimised at an early development stage.

  • AC filter choke, singular choke or poured modules in the most-varied designs i.e. ferrite core, C-core, iron powder core etc.
  • Boost converter / boost choke: specially optimised chokes for AC loads either as individual components or modular assemblies
  • High-frequency transformers: transformers optimised for their respective frequency range.
  • Inductive modules: combination of different components with internal connections, generally injection-moulded design with customised geometry.
AC filter choke
boost choke
inductive module